The Garden with its romantic gazebo offers panoramic mountain views. Perfect for outdoor weddings amidst the flowers and under the stars.  It can also be the setting for other intimate celebrations like anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, and even awarding ceremonies with a beautiful outdoor backdrop.

Garden2 Garden3 Garden4 Garden5



A 6 ft. deep beautifully landscaped man-made lagoon perfect for a variety of activities. Ideal for guests who want to experience the water adventure while being in the mountains. Experience the simple joys of fishing for tilapia and consuming your catch.

Lagoon2 Lagoon3 Lagoon4 Lagoon5



An indoor venue designed for intimate celebrations, seminars, trainings, retreats and recollections. With the naturally soft light created by their white walls and the often-creative lighting schemes within, this marquee reception is favorable for its natural intimacy, picture-friendly conditions and creative possibilities. This marquee is indeed like a blank slate upon which you can build your own world, creating exactly the atmosphere you desire for your grand celebration. This not only makes your reception more memorable for you and your guests, but also makes possible a unique and powerful set of visual elements that will translate to beautiful photographic memories.

VENUE (Weddings, Parties, Seminars, etc)
Rental for venue is for the 1st 100 guests or less for the 1st 5 hours use

Morning Function (between 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM)
Php 35000
Php 3500 per hour in excess of 5 hours
Php 10500 per additional 50 guests

Evening Function (3:00 PM onwards)
Php 45000
Php 5000 per hour in excess of 5 hours

Php 13000 per additional 50 guests
Php 2000 Electricity for mobile/disco/spot lights
Php 3000 Use of chandelier
Php 2500 Campsite Ceremony
Php 5000 Kitchen Fee
Php 80 per Tiffany Chair (24 pcs available)

Early venue set up PHP2500 per day (8AM-7PM)
Set up day before the event PHP500 per hour (7PM onwards)
*Free of charge if day before the event from 8AM-7PM only


Marquee2 Marquee3 Marquee4 Marquee5

Caribbean Pines Camp



Rates :

Camping Fee per person (1st night) – php 200

Camping Fee per person (succeeding night) – php 150

Tent rental per person per night- php 75

Sleeping bag rental per person per night – php 100

Bonfire setup – php 400 per load


Hot and Cold Shower

Mess Hall

Grilling Area

Caribbean Pines Camp2 Caribbean Pines Camp3 Caribbean Pines Camp4 Caribbean Pines Camp5

Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit


Enjoyment of the outdoors doesn’t need to stop once the sun sets. Our outdoor fireplace is the perfect spot to gather around and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, even when the weather is chilly. Ideal for cozy, conversation-filled evenings with a nice bottle of wine. Perfect for the kids to enjoy  hotdogs, s’mores and roasted marshmallows.

Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit2 Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit3 Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit4 Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit5

Restaurant / Sun Room


A glass structure in the middle of the resort, the Sun Room offers a 360 degree viewing capability of the resort’s surrounding landscape while being sheltered from adverse weather conditions such as the rain, wind and the sun.

We are now serving food!

Restaurant / Sun Room2 Restaurant / Sun Room3 Restaurant / Sun Room4 Restaurant / Sun Room5

Prenuptial Photoshoot


What could be a more perfect event before the wedding other than your Prenuptial Photoshoot? Dahilayan offers you the most romantic setting just for that. With the majestic view of the Mountains and the refreshing scenery of our Garden, we offer you the best venue for that special occasion before you tie the knot.

– Php 7500
– Php 3500 (if wedding venue rental is also availed)

Prenuptial Photoshoot2 Prenuptial Photoshoot3 Prenuptial Photoshoot4 Prenuptial Photoshoot5