The first advantage of online pharmacies is the ability to work around the clock. You can access their services even with a mobile phone. The next benefit is the wide range of products. On average, one online pharmacy has fewer products than any local one. However, given the number of online pharmacies, you can find even rare drugs like Aurogra 100 mg.

LloydsPharmacy [Rating: 4.5]
St Lukes Dr, Rowden Hill, Chippenham SN15 2SD, United Kingdom | +44 1249 446715 |

I just want to say the people are amazing. I was in such pain after getting oral surgery. First, I went to Walgreens next door. They told me it would take 4 hours to get my meds because of the vaccinations. Well, I was not going to wait that long; I was in way too much pain. So I went to LloydsPharmacy who is also doing vaccinations. Well, the employees could see I was in so much pain they rushed the meds, and I only waited 15-20 mins. I really want to thank them. I was in such pain.

I traveled 3 hours 1 way to get to this store. I brought my current medical marijuana medicine bottles, which we bought from this store last November, and said this is what I want, and we wanted six months’ worth because we travel so far. It came to $850. We took our medicine and went home. When we got home, we noticed she had given us the wrong stuff. They changed from capsules to tablets and didn’t inform us, or we would not have bought it. The store manager said we are just stuck with it because once you buy it, there are no returns. The girl who waited on us was in too big of a hurry to look at the bottle to know what she was getting for us, and we are out almost $1000 dollars with travel expenses because she didn’t do her job and look at what we showed her and we trusted her. I don’t remember seeing any info in the store stating a no return policy. If you want a business that cares about its patients, then don’t go here!!!

Coco Chemistry [Rating: 4.8]
Unit To The Rear Of 3, 3 West St, Lacock, Chippenham SN15 2LH, United Kingdom | +44 1380 860768 |

What an awesome little! My doctor trusts them for superior accuracy in making the bioidentical hormones I take. I drive from Fort to use this pharmacy. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Cute gifts and cards can be purchased here too.

Coco Chemistry is AWESOME! They have very knowledgeable pharmacists and friendly technicians that take the time to get to know you by your name and know your specific needs. I feel safe knowing they take the time to research any drug interactions and offer helpful advice. If my doctor’s office needs prompting, they take it upon themselves to call and track down a prescription refill when needed. Wonderful customer service!!

D & M Gompels Pharmacy [Rating: 4.6]
1 Bank St, Melksham SN12 6LF, United Kingdom | +44 1225 702198 |

The staff is always friendly and extremely helpful. I’ve used D & M Gompels Pharmacy for years and have never had a negative experience. They have always gone above and beyond.

Yes, the wait is usually long & the store is always crowded. I can understand how some of this may be out of their control. BUT, the level of professionalism at this pharmacy is poor and embarrassing. Staff will make comments on the price and type of prescription you pick up. After so long of just being uncomfortable with the staff, I just ended up switching. Glad I don’t have to go back.

Shaunak’s [Rating: 4.6]
Beechfield Rd, Corsham SN13 9DN, United Kingdom | +44 1249 712000 |

Shaunak’s has to be the worst pharmacy in NY. They seem incapable of locating your insurance. The employees are always so grumpy and seem genuinely annoyed they have to help you. I honestly feel bad for them. Just tell your prescribers to send your medications elsewhere.

The nicest pharmacist you could ask for. So compassionate and kind. Has a great update system to notify you when your meds/orders are ready for pickup. A true neighborhood pharmacist who actually remembers your name.